Our Mediterranean Dinner Party

A Top Chef contestant and a James Beard Award winning writer are navigating the regional and cultural abundance of Italian food and drink to bring us Massican's Mediterranean Dinner Party cookbook. Grab a glass of white wine and join us in the kitchen!
Top Chef contestant Sara Hauman drinking a glass of Massican white wine.

Cook With Us

Each month, in real-time, we will be writing our Mediterranean Dinner Party cookbook and sharing it with you. We’re approaching this as an “at home” opportunity to cook, region by region, the dishes that make Italy’s food so influential and satisfying.

Chef Sara Hauman (Eater Young Gun, Zagat 30 under 30, and Bravo Top Chef contestant, pictured above) will be crafting her take on the recipes for each regional dinner party – we’re starting in Sicily and then heading north to Liguria before circling all of Italy and the Med for the next year.

As we are preparing each chapter, each month, you will be able to see Chef Sara’s cooking videos on our social channels (Instagram and TikTok). We will then organize these recipes into the “dinner party” in our monthly newsletter written by James Beard award-winning wine and food writer, Jordan Mackay (Secrets of the Sommeliers, The Franklin Barbecue).