Caffe Florian - a 1700's Italian Bar in Venice.

Mediterranean-inspired White Wines

Massican produces white wines that are timeless, vibrant, and stylistically “Mediterranean.” Made in Napa Valley, California.

Massican 2022 Vintage White Wines.

Not that the Massican wines are identical to each other. Each wine performs its distinctions: a tart Sauvignon Blanc; a citrusy Chardonnay; a textured Pinot Bianco and Greco blend, called Gemina; a perfumed, mineral cuvee based on Ribolla Gialla and Tocai Friulano, called Annia. Yet they all, somehow, taste like Massican. Like paintings in a series, cast from the same color palette yet individual, the pieces cohere.

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Recently Released: A “COVERS” ALBUM

Maryam Ahmed and Sam Bilbro in Northern California, Ken Pahlow in Oregon, Erin Pooley in Australia, Mitja Sirk in Italy, and Tyler Thomas in Santa Barbara all have joined us in this creative endeavor. This series, reminiscent of a band covering another band’s song, showcases the individuality of each winemaker while harmonizing with the Massican philosophy. These limited-edition wines (produced in quantities of 500 to 2,000 bottles each) are a rare opportunity to experience Massican through a new lens.

The Massican Collaboration Series

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A summer scene in the Mediterranean. Locals and tourists sitting with their feet in the near perfect sea water, reading and relaxing in the sun.

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