Our Favorite Food & Wine Pairings

Here's a summary of our favorite dishes from the "Massican Italian Dinner Party" cookbook, grouped by the Massican wines we love to pair with them.

These pairing suggestions incorporate traditional Italian and Mediterranean flavors that resonate well with the unique characteristics of each Massican wine. If a specific dish or wine highlights a unique ingredient or characteristic that makes it an ideal match, we try to note it alongside the pairing.

Beyond Italy, we casted a wider net and added a nod to the unique cuisines of the Mediterranean beyond Italy that we believe complement these wines beautifully.

Olives in the kitchen

Buon cibo. Buon Vino. Buon AMICI.

Good food. Good Vino. Good Friends.

Annia (Tocai Friulano, Ribolla Gialla, Chardonnay)

  • Friuli Winter Menu: Polenta with Porcini and Agrodolce Onions. The floral and citrus notes in Annia complement the earthy tones of porcini mushrooms and the sweetness of agrodolce onions.
  • Veneto Summertime Menu: Risi e Bisi. The saline finish of Annia pairs well with the brightness of this pea and rice dish.
  • Rome Vegetable-Inspired Menu: Carciofi Alla Giudia (Fried Artichokes). The crisp, refreshing notes in Annia enhance the fried artichokes’ earthy and nutty characteristics.
  • Emilia-Romagna Aperitivo Menu: This menu’s selection of cheeses, cured meats, and bread will pair delightfully with Annia’s floral and citrus notes, enhancing both the wine and the flavors of the pre-dinner snacks.
  • Mediterranean Cuisine (Greek): Try Annia with a classic Greek salad or grilled octopus, where the wine’s crispness and saline finish can complement the salty and fresh flavors of classic Greek dishes.

Gemina (Greco, Falanghina, Fiano)

  • Campania Summertime Menu: Eggplant Parmesan. Gemina’s crisp and bright profile with citrus notes complements the rich flavors of eggplant and tomato sauce.
  • Sicily Summertime Menu: Olive Oil Poached Swordfish. Gemina’s mouthwatering citrus and stone fruit flavors pair beautifully with the hearty taste of swordfish.
  • Abruzzo Fall Menu: Porchetta & Salsa Verde. Gemina’s brightness and citrus notes will cut through the richness of porchetta, while its mineral undertones complement the herby salsa verde.
  • Mediterranean Cuisine (Turkish): Gemina would pair beautifully with dishes like stuffed eggplant or Mezze (hot and cold apps) that feature a variety of textures and flavors, balancing the richness with its crisp acidity.

Pinot Grigio

  • Liguria Summertime Menu: Braised Rabbit with Sweet Peppers. The freshness and vibrancy of Pinot Grigio will cut through the richness of braised rabbit.
  • Tuscany Springtime Menu: Cacciucco (Seafood Stew). The crisp and refreshing nature of Pinot Grigio complements the variety of seafood(s) in this Tuscan stew.
  • Piemonte Winter Menu: Fonduta with Poached Egg & White Truffle. The creamy texture and earthy truffle flavors complement the clean and fresh profile of Pinot Grigio.
  • Mediterranean Cuisine (Spanish): A classic seafood paella, with its rich flavors and saffron notes, would be enhanced by the refreshing and balanced nature of Pinot Grigio.

Chardonnay (Hyde)

  • Piemonte Winter Menu: White Truffle Risotto. Chardonnay’s rich and complex profile pairs perfectly with the luxurious flavors of white truffle.
  • Sicily Summertime Menu: Olive Oil Poached Swordfish. Chardonnay’s full-bodied texture and citrus notes enhance the mild flavors of the swordfish.
  • Veneto Summertime Menu: Venetian Bay Scallops. The subtle oak and citrus notes in Chardonnay will complement the delicate sweetness of scallops, highlighting their natural flavor.
  • Mediterranean Cuisine (Lebanese): Pair Chardonnay with grilled halloumi cheese or a rich fish tagine. Its body and acidity balance the hearty and aromatic components.

Sauvignon Blanc

  • Tuscany Springtime Menu: Springtime Panzanella. Sauvignon Blanc’s herbaceous and citrus notes match well with Panzanella’s fresh vegetables and tangy dressing.
  • Rome Vegetable-Inspired Menu: Vignarola (Vegetable Stew). The intense and vibrant flavors of Sauvignon Blanc complement the spring vegetables in this Roman stew.
  • Sicily Summertime Menu: Cherry & Saffron Arancini. Sauvignon Blanc’s complexity and crisp finish will pair well with the rich, savory flavors of these stuffed rice balls.
  • Mediterranean Cuisine (Moroccan): Consider pairing Sauvignon Blanc with a Moroccan citrus salad or a tangy chicken tagine with preserved lemons, where the wine’s vibrant acidity and citrus notes will resonate with the dishes’ bright flavors.