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Massican dinner party playlists on Spotify.

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Massican dinner party playlists available on Spotify.
Massican on Spotify

We believe that wine is more than just a beverage – it’s a cultural experience.

During the pandemic, we launched a digital magazine (our “Muses“) in partnership with Phaidon Press. It was an escapist project during a time of quarantine. Our goal was to encourage readers to ask themselves, where do you want to sip a glass of wine? Perhaps at a gallery in NYC during a Thursday night artist opening, while on vacation at a “destination” restaurant like Osteria Francescana, or while reading a book, watching a movie, or, as I’m writing to you today, listening to music.

We’ve always been inspired by the importance of creating a community around Massican that incorporates all aspects of food, wine, culture, and the arts. While I’m not the person to tell you that the right soundtrack will enhance the flavors and aromas of a great glass of wine, I am excited to share our Spotify playlists with you. Our hope is that our playlists will inspire you to enjoy our wines in a way that celebrates everything that makes life beautiful.

Bossa Nova

Coastal Grooves

Le Dive (The Divas)

Italian Disco





Rat Pack

Commute (coming soon)

Covers (coming soon)

We thank Gabrielle France, a DJ in Brooklyn, NY, for curating these playlists. Merci, GiGi! And to maestro Curt Pajer who is the artistic and opera director at the San Francisco Conservancy.