Artist Series

Our new artist label series as digital collectibles and IRL labels.
Massican Annia NFT artwork by artist Amber Vittoria.

Our Featured Artist

Artist Amber Vittoria in her home under two of her signature artworks.
Artist Amber Vittoria

We are thrilled to announce that Massican collaborated with artist and illustrator Amber Vittoria with the new wine release to produce digital representations of the Massican labels. Amber has a signature style that is color rich and aesthetically vibrant.

When Amber and Dan met to discuss her philosophy, art, and place as a woman in web3 (Amber is a prominent NFT artist), they hit it off and immediately scheduled a time for her to taste the Massican wines and interpret the wines through her art. The four core wines (Annia, Gemina, Hyde Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc) have companion digital labels in the form of Amber’s art. These “digital collectibles” of the Massican labels will be available soon to drop to customers’ digital wallets on the blockchain.

Bottle Art

We randomly placed Amber’s artwork on 1 out of every 100 wine bottles to bring the digital into the real world. A cool video on Instagram shows the bottling line and the artist’s label being affixed to the bottle. When we receive and fulfill your order, we are not controlling who receives one of these special bottles; we just insert them in our wine shipments as we pack orders. But note, everyone who purchases will receive the digital art collectible in their winery account.

About Amber

Amber Vittoria is an artist, poet, and author working in Los Angeles, California. Using the fluidity of her ink, colored pencils, and acrylic paints, Amber creates aqueous rainbow gradients that dominate her compositions. Punctuated by simple graphite line drawings and impactful words, her work draws on her relationship to femininity, emotion, and societal expectations. Amber has several sold-out collections, is a Forbes 30 Under 30 Recipient, One Club Young Gun, Society of Illustrators Gold Medalist, American Illustration Chosen Winner, AOI World Illustration Overall Winner, and ADC Annual Award Winner. Her work has been recognized by Print Magazine, It’s Nice That, Computer Arts, HuffPost, and Teen Vogue . Some of her clients include Facebook, Warby Parker, Apple, The New York Times, NBC, Google, Gucci, Condé Nast, Adidas, Snapchat, and now Massican.