Summer on the Mediterranean Sea.

Mediterranean-inspired White Wines

Massican produces white wines that are timeless, vibrant, and stylistically “Mediterranean.” Made in Napa Valley, California.

Massican Wines Surrounded by a Farmer's Market Find - Fruits, vegetables, flowers. Massican Annia White Wine and Gemina White Wine and Hyde Vineyard Chardonnay pictured.

Not that the Massican wines are identical to each other. Each wine performs its distinctions: a tart Sauvignon Blanc; a citrusy Chardonnay; a textured Pinot Bianco and Greco blend, called Gemina; a perfumed, mineral cuvee based on Ribolla Gialla and Tocai Friulano, called Annia. Yet they all, somehow, taste like Massican. Like paintings in a series, cast from the same color palette yet individual, the pieces cohere.

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The Massican white wines are made from 10 grape varieties planted in 13 vineyards on California’s North Coast. The vineyards are farmed at minimum with sustainable standards and at maximum with certified organic practices. The winemaking is respectful of the vineyards and the grapes, and therefore, there is very little interference during the fermentation process to make these wines.

Behind the link below is everything from vineyard location to fermentation protocols, barrel usage, and ingredients used in the process of making the wines. We’ll also give you each wine’s calorie counts, carbs per glass, and food pairing recommendations.

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